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About us 

A 1-Minute Rundown on who we are

The Concept

Help students build robust online professional brands. Simple.

The Founder

BrandingforStudents.com was founded by Dr. Brandi Baldwin, a Wharton lecturer, entrepreneur, and corporate leadership expert who noticed that her students struggled to transition from their "student" image when entering the workforce. After teaching LinkedIn Branding workshops for years, she decided to create a service that could reach anyone across the globe.


Company Values

Leadership First- Leadership is not about a title, it's about character. You must be a leader to thrive in this organization. Sacrifice, support others, make tough decisions, take risks, innovate, and bring your A-game.

Win or Learn- There are no failures here as long as you're operating with integrity. Either you win or you learn. Don't learn the same lesson twice.

Honest Communication- When you're building something great, there will be challenges. Commit to honest communication and respect your team enough to have tough conversations.

Put in Work- An ode to our founder's first book. You have to come here ready to work. Period.